Overcoming Guilt and Shame

So you can LIVE life KNOWING you are loved, with no risk attached.

Meet Nancy

I’m a passionate girl who wears her heart on her sleeves but hides her deepest fears and insecurities in her head.  For the past two years, I’ve been voicing those things out loud and giving God a chance to get His hands on them.  He’s shown me that I need to reassess my worth by looking at myself through His eyes.  I teach this to other women through weekly blog posts on My Unphotoshopped Life, Bible/book study groups, and coaching. 

Nancy Neufeld of My Unphotoshopped Life
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Join me and a wonderful group of women every week for a virtual Bible Study, where you can share your thoughts, have meaningful discussions and ask for prayer. 

Get Your Heart Gratitude Journal Today

I began leaving this little journal out in my kitchen or living room so that it was always handy to jot things down that I was thankful for.  This has been a constant learning lesson. Join me and get yours today.

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My Prayer Through Psalm 91 – An Imperfect Woman’s Perspective

I believe that we often read the Bible too fast. But when I forced myself to slow down, and take in each verse, it became incredibly humbling to me. 

This e-book includes my personal reflection of Psalm 91, with a verse by verse breakdown.

I hope it opens your eyes up the same way it opened mine. 

My Prayer Through Psalm 91