My life is not perfect, fancy or problem-free. I’ve often avoided social media because most posts portray this perfect life, with perfect spouses, angels for children, and chef-quality meals…by mothers who seem to never tire of mothering. That is not me.

I was diagnosed with major depression at the age of 20 and have been medicated since. I’ve had my share of time with psychiatrists and in counselling offices. I’ve done out-patient mental programs at the hospital. I’ve attempted cutting in order to distract myself from the pain in my brain. I am divorced after suffering through a 5 year marriage that was emotionally and mentally abusive. I continue to deal with the effects of that situation, both in my own head and in the life of my little Summer. I was a single mom – in every sense of the word – for almost 5 years. I was the sole-provider and sole-care giver.

Three years ago I remarried so now I hold the title of wife again. And though my husband, Ted, is the most loving and honest person, the demon of mistrust rears his ugly head often. With marrying him, I also earned the title of stepmom to his three kids…meaning I’m now a mom of 4. A mini-van driver.

This blog is about my life…my struggles, my mistakes, my sadness and lows. But also my celebrations, my victories, and my desperate quest to love Jesus in everything. I am the AS-IS section personified. Dents, cracks, scratches.

I called my blog “My Unphotoshopped Life” for a reason. To photoshop something is to alter reality to look better than what it is. I will not do that here. But hopefully in every post you will see the lesson I am reaching to learn. Sometimes the best lessons are learned in the hardest places. So if you continue to read on, buck up and prepare yourself. It may not be pretty but it will be real and authentic. Welcome to my unphotoshopped life.

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