Worship Song of The Week

I’ve been asked why I have a page for the Worship Song of the Week.

I used to listen to nothing but worship music – 24/7.  Then I stopped for probably 15 years.

My amazing friend who was searching for God started messaging me with all of these different Christian worship songs she was listening to and I’d give them a try.

I found that my heart was encouraged and my head was put into the right space to tackle life with God. 

I realized that I had missed this reminder in my life.

So here it is.  Worship Song of the Week!

Trying to spread the joy and encouragement that has come back into my life in the last year. 

I just heard this song. Literally an hour ago. And it has been on repeat ever since.

You don’t know what it’s like to be me.

I don’t know what it’s like to be you.

What if we’re all the same in different kinds of ways…

Those words…I can’t believe this song.


It’s funny. Last week I was listening to this song, dancing along fairly confidently in my bathroom, really believing the words, “It is well.”

But now it is this week.

I played it on Monday while processing terrible news. Terrible. At first I sobbed through it. Then I wanted to shut it off. It annoyed me. It was too peppy now.

Seemed like a contradiction…how can it be well and how can you sing those words with so much energy when it is circumstantially very NOT well right now.

But now it is Friday.

Circumstances haven’t changed. There are the same as they were Monday.

But I can’t sing it and believe it only when life is good. That can’t be. I must sing it louder when life is so not good. 

What else do we have? My best friend’s favorite verse is the disciples saying to Jesus, “Lord, to whom shall we go?”

Life will have many “so NOT good” circumstances. Each of us. We will all have our fair share. 

But if I can’t trust my Lord that it really IS well, to whom shall I go? Where else will I find peace and comfort.

I will choose to play this song and I will choose to still declare the words, even if barely a whisper.

Wow.  Heard this song at church and immediately googled it after.

I need this on 24/7 just so I don’t worry, I breath, and I trust that God is good.

Oh to live without worry.  Can you imagine?????

Yes, God.  Let faith rise up in me.

If I believed this, really believed it…I’d stay a lot closer to Him.  A good good Father isn’t going to want to hurt me.  Help me believe it more.

I hadn’t heard this song in a long time but then the band played it on Sunday.

At home, I discovered a live version of it and here is why I picked that one.

In the final verse, they create this extra large pause…you hear a dramatic noise and applause.

At first, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if this had actually happened on Easter Sunday with all of these dramatics?”

And then I realized something.

Listen to it.  I think this is exactly what heaven sounded like at that very moment in time.  Oh man.  I can’t wait to experience it.

I listened to Lauren Daigle’s song as soon as it released last Friday.  I immediately put it in my playlist because the words…

When the best of me is barely breathing,

when I’m not somebody I believe in,

Hold onto me.

…when I don’t feel like I’m worth defending…

I could keep quoting lines but I will just let you listen.  I want to keep it on repeat, begging God to hold me.

Ironically, the next song on my playlist is Rescuer by Rend Collective.  One day, it just automatically came on after Hold On To Me.

I couldn’t help but think, “What a perfect song to follow.  When I feel in my bones everything that Lauren Daigle describes, fear not, because I’ve got an amazing Rescuer.”

I hope you feel encouraged by both.

A really sweet fan of mine who goes by the name ‘Dad’, sent me a worship song recommendation. 

I had never heard this song until he sent it to me and at first, I didn’t like it because I couldn’t understand the words in the first verse.

Then the chorus came.  Boom.  Nailed it.  This is all and everything I want.  

I uploaded the version with the words so you don’t miss a thing. 

May this be every single person’s prayer.  Boy, would the world be better.

Thanks Dad.

Yep.  Not much more needs to be said.

This feels like my anthem lately.  I cling to these words and force myself to trust them.  

Please, God, please take the heavy weight off of our chests.

The first line made me stop in my tracks when I heard it while showering.

“Amazing grace.  Amazing grace.

That far outweighs my past mistakes.”

Yes.  May I not forget this.  May I not drown in regret and shame.  May I bring it to Jesus and let Him put a smile on my face as He reminds me of this over and over again.  

His grace will forever outweigh any mistake I have made or will make.

I have had this song on repeat for at least a week.  At one point, I played it while I was showering.  I cranked it as loud as it could go.  I stood under the water.  At one point, I actually lifted my arms up – I imagined God’s blessing pouring over me like water and healing me as they repeatedly sang “Amen”.  And then I cried as one truth was reiterated over me again and again.  “He is with you…He is for you.”

Go to a quiet spot.  It’s a long song but the best part is the last half.  Go somewhere where you won’t be interrupted and listen to the words.  REALLY listen.  Let their truth hit you.  My goodness, you are loved by God.