virtual bible study

Welcome to the Book of Luke

When Covid-19 hit in 2020 and I was not allowed to work for a number of months, I suddenly had a lot of extra time on my hands  and no rush to be anywhere.

I actually began this project by reading the book of Mark and when I finished that, I just kept going.  Here’s my why:

I grew up in a Christian home and went to church all of my life.  Whether it was taught or I took it the wrong way, I realized I had a messed up picture of what God was like and how He felt about me. 

A couple of years ago on a walk with my best friend, she said, “I don’t think you think God LIKES you.”

She was right.  I was convinced God was out to catch me, watching to see me in all of my screw ups.  He wasn’t on my team…He was cheering against me.  I walked with so much guilt, shame, fear, perfectionism, obligation that my back was giving out.  

I was tired.  I was so tired of it.  I decided to try to forget all of the notions and thoughts I had about God.  I read Mark SLOWLY and I read it for one, simple reason.

What is Jesus really like?  What is God really like? How does He feel about me?  Or people?  If I was born in a desert and a Bible fell out of the sky and I read it, what would I think Jesus was like and how would I think He felt about me?  Based on the BIBLE ALONE.  

So that is where this journey began.  When I got into Luke, I really started to find a rhythm and fall in love with this mission.  Around chapter 11 I was convinced God was telling me to write what I was finding and share it.  So here we are.  

Put all of your misconceptions, ideas, fears and history of God aside.  Let’s start with a clean slate and see what YOU find along the way.

Bring on the book of Luke.

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Here we begin with the first chapter of Luke.  If you don’t have a Bible, don’t worry.  I will put the verse up first so you can read it no matter what!  Then we will break it down:

  • I simply start by writing down my simple observations from each verse.  Nothing fancy, just what the text says.
  • Next I will show you my notes of what the verse said to me – beyond what the blatant text might have said.  
  • Finally, I will sum it up with what I learned about God, Jesus and how He feels about me.  Pure basics.  No commentary or theological degree.

I have found freedom in the simplicity of God’s message.  I love the beauty of seeing how loving He is, with no expert explaining it to me.  That’s how obvious God is.  Love it.