My Prayer Through Psalm 91

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This e-book, My Prayer Through Psalm 91 – An Imperfect Woman’s Perspective,  is a slow break down, verse by verse of Psalm 91. I paused after each verse, and reflected on how this affected my life and way of thinking. After writing it down, I figured it might help someone else who needs to experience that same love that I found here. 

We often read the bible too fast…verses that we’ve heard over and over or even just descriptions of God that we’ve heard a million times.  When I forced myself to slow down, take in each verse, Google the images! It became incredible to me…humbling…overwhelming that I am loved this much.  I have lived most of my life thinking the worst about myself and thinking that I was worth very very little…almost take what you can get.  But here, in these verses, I realize that is not the case.  Even the verse about the angels…that alone makes me stop in my tracks and ask, “What have you been doing all these years?  How could you possibly think you had no worth?  You have an angel just for you!”  It wil hopefully open your eyes to how God feels about you, and when you know this, you can live a little freer and a little more loved.