God gave us a lot of good tools…but I’m dying right now because I just saw how we can twist it and use them for terrible terrible things

I made a bad decision just now. I watched the video of George Floyd dying at the hands – and knees – of police. I’m shaking. I’ve been praying for 5 minutes asking God to help me forget what I just saw.

When Ted came to sit on the couch, I told him. The sticking memory?

The cop who killed him had his hands in his pockets. I’m having a hard time typing because I’m shaking so badly.

This isn’t how God meant things to be. This isn’t why He created us.

God gave us knees so we could pray – not so we could kill.
God gave us knees so we could get down lower and help someone up.
God gave us knees so we could change positions and see life from different perspectives –
not so we could lock them up in arrogance and look down on those not like us.

And hands.

God didn’t make hands so they could sit in pockets
God gave us hands so we could reach out, pat someone’s back and give assurance.
God didn’t make hands to hide in the darkness of pockets…
God gave us hands to hold someone else’s hand, someone different than you, and walk through life with them.
God didn’t make them so we could twiddle our thumbs…

God gave us hands that were designed to give – gifts, affection, GRACE.

It doesn’t matter what got George Floyd face down on the ground that day.

But knees and hands could have been used very differently once he was there. He needed breath. He needed humanity. He needed grace.

Let’s get on our knees in prayer today. And let’s take our hands out of our pockets and give grace and acceptance today. No matter who needs it.

That’s why God gave us knees and hands.

god gave us

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