Have you ever been so frustrated with yourself that you wonder if God makes good things? For real?

Well, look at this guy!!! Look how cute he is! Since birth he has had the world’s cutest smile.  His momma is my BFF.

A few weeks ago she came down from Mississauga for a visit with this little guy, Jonas, and his sister, Bailey.  Bailey and Summer are joined at the hip when they are together so they were off playing somewhere and Jonas came to sit with Janette and me. 

DO NOT ASK ME HOW OR WHY but we were talking about cute tushies and I asked Jonas who had the cutest tushie in his family. With a Jonas-grin, he informed me that his momma had the cutest tushie. 

He then thoughtfully continued and told me that his daddy had the nicest hands. And Bailey…she has the best eyes, no wait! The nicest face, he said. And then he surprised me by continuing and saying, “And me….” And time seemed to stand still. 

God makes good things

Most people, or at least adults, we don’t necessarily like to talk about what we are good at. It seems wrong? But Jonas didn’t even hesitate. I was so caught off guard by the beauty of it that I don’t even remember what his answer was but I can assure you that he has the best smile in that family!!!

Then last week a friend of mine introduced me to a couple of amazing songs so I went on to listen to the whole album.  I was listening to it in the van with Summer and a song came on called “The Me You Made.” It was cute because it became Summer’s favourite song and she LOVES the words.  Let me share the chorus lyrics with you, and one of the verses:

Hey,  I don’t wanna spend my life, wishing I was different

That would be a waste of time, ‘cause I know you, you love me just as I am

And I know my God don’t make mistakes, so I’m just gonna be the me you made.

The whole world is posting pictures; Looks like everybody else has the perfect life

But we’re just watching from the bleachers, Discontent and thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice?”


‘Cause for way too long, I let it steal my joy, but not anymore.

-Matthew West

Summer loves this song and I’m glad for that.  I have lived most of my life insecure and I don’t want that to be Summer’s world.

I think I always live with my bags packed for a guilt trip…like an expectant mom always packed and ready to go to the hospital.  I walk around feeling bad for different components of who I am, seeing mostly the negative. But not today. And you know why?

Because God makes GOOD things. He is good and he makes good things.

So today I will learn from my little hero, Jonas.  Ted is the most patient in the family; Avery is the most organized…Jaden is the sweetest, always just wanting to spend time together; Blake is the loudest and craziest and most helpful; Summer has the most compassionate heart…and the cutest tushie.  All of these things are because God makes good things.


I’m funny, and sarcastic and I make the kids laugh…I’m good at having real conversations with them, being really open about where my heart is at…I’m affectionate and loyal and committed to making each one feel loved, even if it is a daily battle.  It is a battle I won’t walk away from because I’m not a quitter, another thing I’m good at.

God makes good things

I try to be open about my depression and my struggles…to be real about it. And I THINK I’m a good baker!!!! And it is ok to say all of these things and do you know why???


And He made me the way He wanted and He made me with gifts to share. Yes, I have tons to work on but I have tons to also give away.  

So I’m not gonna spend my life wishing I was different.  That would be a waste of time…’cause I know You, You love me just as I am…And I know my God don’t make mistakes so I’m just gonna be the me you made.  

God makes good things. Thanks for this lesson, JoJo.

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  1. You’re also an amazing listener, faithful, empathetic and servant hearted. You are a very good Baker and you’ve got a kick-ass bod and workout like a boss. Love you! This lesson is so hard for me. My son is a good teacher.

  2. And you’re also an amazing listener, faithful, empathetic and servant hearted. You have a kick-ass bod and can work out like a boss. Love you. This lesson is so hard for me. My son is a good teacher.

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