How’s your focus in life right now?

How about in these pictures? Do you see the difference between the two pictures above? Can you pinpoint what it is? Focus. It is totally in the focus… On what the camera decided was the focal point.

When I took this, I was sitting in the backseat of my sister’s vehicle on the highway. I was disappointed because the camera kept focusing on the window since it was the closest thing, the most in-my-face. This caused the camera to decide that that was the focal point… The purpose for pressing the “shoot” button.

How’s your focal point lately? Are you pressing “shoot” with the right object in focus? Can you see past what is right in your face?

I confess to struggling with that problem right now… with not even knowing what my purpose is at all at this moment. I wonder things like, “Where am I supposed to go from here, career-wise?” “How is my life making a difference today?” “What is the point in my breathing today?”

But I think those thoughts are a lot like the picture on the right… You can look at it and see all the marks and smudges on the window so that the beauty behind it gets blurry and lost.

I pulled out my camera that day because the sun and clouds looked amazing but my focus got hijacked. I think my mental focus easily gets hijacked as well. I’m missing the beauty in this current span of 24 hours, this current span of 60 minutes, this fleeting span of 60 seconds because I’m focusing on what is in my face right now…


I’m focusing on me, my worries, my insecurities, my fears, my helplessness.  God is blurred somewhere in the background.

My focus is on all of the things I feel a lack in. If I could readjust my focus, shift my thinking, maybe I could see this 24 hours as just that…24 hours. Not eternity. Today isn’t forever so see the good that is just in today. See the God that is holding today. See the God who knows my next career steps but only gives me what I NEED to know today, because knowing more would be too much for me.

I want to see the God who is using me today in small, simple, spectacular ways…

Because God’s idea of spectacular is very different from my idea of spectacular.
And just the fact that God uses us at all is crazy spectacular, if you think about it.

And my breath, breath in, breath out, over and over… Why? For what purpose? There must be a reason for this breath today… And maybe that’s something I won’t have an answer for today, but eventually, someday, one of these breaths will come with an answer. But I will have to sit in the backseat a little longer, not focusing on the marks and smudges and things that don’t make sense.

I will have to look past that to the beautiful God behind it all who has the perfect view from where He sits. 
He should be our focus because He knows the perfect focal point.

Is God blurry somewhere in the background of your hurts and struggles? 

Are you focusing more on the marks and smudges in life and on your heart? 

How can you slow down and see the God behind it? 

The God who is in control?

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