This may be highly offensive. I’m sorry if it is. I’m just trying to work through my thoughts after our pastor touched on abortion. Trying to process the idea of “trust God”.

I’ve always been against abortion but have followed that statement up with this: “but if I get raped and pregnant, I’d probably get one. I’d probably be first in line.”

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about things I could face in my future. There is so much unknown. How will I handle it when it comes?

There are other situations that are such hot topics right now, such as transition surgeries, or LGBTQ+…tough topics that I don’t claim to understand. At all. But please give me the grace to work through my thoughts, these topics and my faith.

After his sermon, I went home and couldn’t shake it. A friend had said, “What if someone has been raped? Is it such a terrible thing for her to abort a baby created under horrific circumstances? Or what if someone was born male and desperately wants to transition to female? And what if that ache is so strong, they might commit suicide if it doesn’t happen?”

Yes. All valid. All of it. And I could reach or scrape for arguments. I could find some kind of rebuttal. But in the end, arguments aren’t the solution. Arguments don’t help the discussion. 

Each one must grapple with these difficult scenarios.

But this is what hit me. In the end, I guess it is a question of whether or not you trust God. 

When we say we trust God, is it empty words or are we really ready to exercise that trust?

Am I willing to not abort this unborn baby and trust God that He is able to make a miracle out of this misery? Do I trust God that He can use this baby’s life for good – whether in my life or someone else’s? Do I trust God that He can heal me from having to bring a baby into the world that I never wanted to carry?

If I was born male but feel that every part of me was meant to be female, do I trust God enough to wait and see? Do I trust God and that He had a plan for me when he put me on earth as a man? Do I trust that He knew what He was doing? 

Do I trust God that, if He is telling me to not follow my same-sex desires, do I trust that He will be enough? That He can satisfy me even if these desires never get satisfied? Do I trust him enough?

Do I trust him enough that, if I get diagnosed with cervical cancer today, that He can work with that? He can turn that into good? 

Do I trust Him that my depression isn’t a life sentence to hopelessness? Do I trust Him enough that He will do something with it and choose not to take my own life? Can I hang on to life with that trust?

I think that is what is so hard about true Christianity. C.S. Lewis said two quotes that struck me:

“I didn’t go to religion to make me happy. I always knew a bottle of port would do that. If you want a religion to make you feel really comfortable, I certainly don’t recommend Christianity.”

“If Christianity was something we were making up, of course we could make it easier. But it is not.”

The call of Christianity is a hard one.

Do you trust God enough to not take matters into your own hands but to trust that He had a plan all along?

There will be many things that come our way that force this question into our faces. Whether they were things we were born with or things that came our way, they always push us before God.

They always make us look Him in the eye and answer that question, over and over again…until Heaven, where we see He had a plan all along.

trust God
trust God

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  1. These are hard questions that only faith in God could help a person to answer “the right way.”
    Not at all offended. 🙂

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